Wallis Wilbanks Funeral Home 121 West Villanow Street
LaFayette, Georgia 30728
(706) 638-2222
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Since 1933  the Wallis Wilbanks has been committed to one thing, SERVICE. This service has been built on a tradition of personal attention to every family's customs and desires. Our trained and professional staff carries out this service with the dignity and respect that area families have come to expect.
A reputation for service is not something that is given, it is earned. Through the years of serving families, Wallis Wilbanks Funeral Home upholds that reputation of complete service.
This has been the Funeral Home’s commitment for over 77 years, and it shall always remain so. We pledge to continue to be a place "Where complete service counts more than anything."
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Our History
In 1933, Max Wallis purchased LaFayette Furniture company from Mr. Charlie Hammond, where they began to sell caskets. The name was later changed to Max Wallis Funeral Home. Later J.D. Wallis, Mr. Wallis son joined his dad after he graduated from embalming school in 1937. Max then changed the funeral home to Wallis and Son Funeral Home. In August of 1954, Max Wallis died. After his death his son J.D. sold the furniture part of the business in September of 1954, and moved the funeral home into the old home of Max and Granny Wallis.  In 1959 Danny Wallis, J.D. Wallis son, joined his dad. Danny helped his dad up until J.D.’s death in 1974. The funeral home was then run by Danny Wallis and Richard Wilbanks. Richard had been with the Wallis family since 1962. In 1993, they changed the name of the funeral home from Wallis and Son to Wallis Wilbanks Funeral Home. Mr. Wilbanks bought the funeral home in 2003.